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Individualised programs for children Kindergarten - Year 6 that enhance their skills and abilities whilst building their confidence and ensure they achieve their learning goal. Private or small group session delivered at home, online or at our learning space. 

School Readiness

Perpare your children for success by providing them the opportunity to build imperative foundation skills that will give them the best start to school. Small group play based sessions 4-6 years of age focusing on numeracy, literacy, fine motor and social and emotional skills that will set them up for success.  

Home schooling

Customised learning programs to support your child's education in align with the National Curriculum. Providing an array of flexibility for each unique approach whilst supporting students and families on this learning journey.


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Lotus Learning Academy

Lotus Learning Academy has been developed by qualified and experienced teachers to provide all your child's learning needs and support families along the way. Each child is on a their own learning journey being preschool, primary school or distance and home schooling and Lotus Learning Academy is here to ensure families and children are all supported and able to access quality education to ensure their child become lifelong learners.

The Lotus Flower lives in murky water which represents the challenges education may bring. These challenges may look different for each students and we are here to support you through them and to ensure your child blossoms just like our Lotus Flower. The colours of our Lotus represents the 'Courage' your child will take and the 'Wisdom' they will gain. The Yellow dots represent the 'Success' your child will achieve with our support. Our Lotus Flower clearly shows roots that are growing within as it develops to full blossom which represents the life long learning journey your child is on.

Lotus Learning Academy will provide an enjoyable, relaxing yet rewarding learning support for both you and your child. 


Parents Recommend

Brad R.

“Thank you for going above and beyond for our son and helping him gain confidence and succeed in areas that were previously a struggle.”

Theresa G.

My daughters literacy skills and confidence have grown so much. We are very grateful for all your hard work.”

Amy S.

Your passion and hard work never goes unrecognised. Every session is fun and my daughter enjoys every week.”